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ArcBest Technologies

ArcBest Technologies provides our operating companies with in-house, purpose-built digital solutions to complex shipping needs. As the transportation and logistics market continues to change rapidly, our constantly evolving solutions and robust support provide ArcBest℠ and its subsidiaries with the innovative tools and software to better serve their customers’ total supply chain needs.

Founded in 1962 as Data-Tronics, ArcBest Technologies has a staff of nearly 300. They design, program and maintain business application systems which include logistics, general business and custom-freight management, inventory management and control, and barcoding. All software solutions are designed to not only help our ArcBest subsidiaries achieve their goals, but also add genuine value to their businesses.

ArcBest Technologies
3801 Old Greenwood Road
Post Office Box 10048 
Fort Smith, AR 72917
479-784-8599 (FAX)

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