ABF Freight: America's Road Team

Posted by Lindsey Kennedy on January 1, 2014 - 7:38 AM

Sponsored by the American Trucking Associations, America's Road Team comprises professional truck drivers chosen for their excellent safety records and outstanding communication skills. The members are known as Road Team Captains. 

While maintaining their jobs as full-time professional drivers, America's Road Team Captains travel the country speaking on behalf of the trucking industry to civic organizations and the news media. The Captains address transportation and safety issues in any forum at which they can reach the motoring public to share safe driving tips and offer advice on how to safely share the road with tractor-trailers.

The Road Team Captains also advocate safety to those within the industry at terminals and truck stops. They speak with fellow drivers, driver training students and corporate safety officers. They also have the opportunity to present trucking and safety issues before our public officials, at the national, state and local levels.

“These drivers are among the best of the many ABF Freight professional drivers who safely protect and deliver the goods entrusted to us on a daily basis—providing unmatched value-added transportation solutions for our customers. The reputation ABF Freight enjoys as a trusted transportation partner and a safety leader will be well represented with this group,” said ABF Freight President Tim Thorne.

America's Road Team Captains

1991 John Holland
1992 James Williams
1993 Ralph Wise
1995 David Schmuecker
1996 Andy Boyd
1997 Max Helman
1998 Alonzo Griffin
1999 Scott Harris
2000 Bill Mayhew
2000 Glen Ackerman
2001-2002 James Curtis
2001-2002 Daniel Hiser
2003-2004 Ruben Armendariz
2003-2004 Garland Woods
2003-2004 Alternate: Otto Schmeckenbecher
2005-2006 Richard Alford
2005-2006 Ralph Garcia
2007-2008 Tony Spero
2009-2010 Ben Saiz
2009-2010 Paul Gattin
2011-2012 David Boyer
2011-2012 Nate McCarty
2011-2012 Tim McElwaney
2013-2014 Otto Schmeckenbecher
2013-2014 Loren Hatfield
2013-2014 Don Biggerstaff
2015-2016 Bill West
2015-2016 Kirk Weis
2015-2016 Chad Miller


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