ABF Freight Road Team

Posted by Lindsey Kennedy on January 1, 1997 - 7:54 AM

The ABF Freight® Road Team comprises 12 drivers who exhibit the highest standards of professionalism and practice it daily on North American highways and city streets. Road Team membership requires an exemplary driving record and is one of the highest honors an ABF Freight driver can achieve.

“These drivers are among the best of the many ABF Freight professional drivers who safely protect and deliver the goods entrusted to us on a daily basis—providing unmatched value-added transportation solutions for our customers. The reputation ABF Freight enjoys as a trusted transportation partner and a safety leader will be well represented with this group,” said ABF Freight President Tim Thorne.

During their 24-month term, ABF Freight Road Team members serve as ambassadors for ABF Freight and the trucking industry at large. Each member is available to address the vital role freight transportation plays in the global economy. When called upon, they speak on safety, the image of the truck driver and the industry, sharing the road with trucks, or other subjects of community or industry interest.

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