Customer: ABF Freight Goes ‘Extra Mile’ Every Time

Posted by Jennifer Faldon on September 24, 2015 - 7:25 AM
Back of truck on road

ABF Freight employees strive to go the extra mile for their customers. And their customers often rave about experiences they have with exceptional ABF Freight service.

 Akron City Driver Jim Harris was on his planned route and stopped at a regular customer for a normal pickup. While there, he learned that Stephanie Freitag, the customer’s logistics coordinator, was in a bind. She needed an order delivered that day to a customer about 30 miles away, but her company’s regular driver was sick and the backup couldn’t come in.

When Jim learned of Stephanie’s dilemma, he called dispatch to see if he could make the delivery for her. He got the go-ahead, and for Stephanie, he saved the day.

“I am always impressed at the length your employees go to in order to take care of every one of my shipments, no matter big or small,” Stephanie said. “I am amazed at how you all are willing to go the extra mile for me.”

Stephanie heaped on more praise by noting that she has interacted with many ABF Freight employees at several terminals for tracking or general shipment questions, and “I can honestly say that your organization’s employees treat every customer like they are their only priority.”

Jim offered a solution for Stephanie that exceeded her expectations, an experience ABF Freight customers see again and again.

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