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Customer Praises ArcBest Team’s Creative Solutions, Expertise

Posted by Jennifer Faldon on June 23, 2017 - 10:02 AM
Customer Praises ArcBest Team’s Creative Solutions, Expertise

A longtime customer of ArcBest’s premium logistics solutions found its business enhanced when it also began using ArcBest℠ for its less-than-truckload needs.

The customer, a furniture company, had introduced a new oversized product. “We began shipping with several LTL carriers with serious failures of service, including damaged and lost product,” the customer said. “Customers and contractors were irate. Waiting on replacement parts added further frustration. And our sales managers demanded solutions.”

The customer soon turned to his ArcBest account manager, Seth Kaminski, for advice. “I explained the issues and the need for creative solutions for a growing part of our business,” the customer said.

Seth quickly put together a team of ArcBest professionals. They met with the customer to discuss the ongoing shipping problems and options for solutions.

“Over several meetings, we tweaked packaging and shipping concerns, and we got set up with ArcBest’s time-critical service for a one-month trial period,” the customer said.

The result? “Instant success,” the customer proclaimed. “The customers were happy campers; our sales and customer service teams stopped getting complaints. Everything was good.”

After the trial period, the customer worked with the pricing department and the local service center to determine rates and specific shipping processes for the long term.

The customer praised Seth and the team for their expertise and their consistent, thorough communication.

“Our future intent is to secure ArcBest and ABF Freight® for long-term LTL service,” the customer said, noting his company has received “outstanding service.”