U-Pack, ABF Freight Make Customer’s ‘Emotionally Challenging Time’ Easier

Posted by Jennifer Faldon on June 10, 2016 - 4:15 PM
Box on floor

Moves are stressful. Add in moving generations of belongings across the country, and it can be an emotional experience for anyone.

When U-Pack and ABF Freight employees made a difficult move easier for a family, customer Holley Clough was quick to praise them.

Holley and her family used U-Pack to move her 83-year-old father out of his longtime home and across the country. After the experience, she listed specific ways U-Pack and ABF Freight exceeded her expectations:

  • “I had to empty out generations of belongings and antiques out of my father’s home,” she said. “One day it was pouring and we couldn’t get the antiques into the ReloCubes” U-Pack allowed her extra days to get the ReloCubes packed. “Such a relief,” she said.
  • “I ordered one ReloCube; you allowed us to have a second cube in case we needed it. We ended up using it. Such a relief,” she said.
  • “The ReloCubes beat us across the country. You kept them until we arrived, without extra charge. Such a relief,” she said.
  • “The (ABF Freight) driver in the Jamestown/Erie area was absolutely outstanding with advice and personal service,” she said. “He’s very good in what he does with people and customer service and really should be commended.”
  • “Meredith Hawblitzel (lead service consultant for U-Pack) discovered our billed amount was too high and adjusted the charge. Such a relief! Thank you, Meredith, for your attention to detail,” Holley said.
  • “You made a really difficult and emotionally challenging time much easier for our family,” she said. “Such a relief; thank you.”

Holley said the attention to detail and flexibility the U-Pack employees provided was “absolutely outstanding.”

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