America's Road Team - 2013-2014 - Don Biggerstaff

Posted by Lindsey Kennedy on January 1, 2014 - 9:22 AM
Don Biggerstaff

Following in his dad’s footsteps, Charlotte, North Carolina, Utility Employee Don Biggerstaff first got a job working on the dock. After almost 30 years, he’s still in the freight business, but now he works the dock as well as drives a truck.

Don believes that being a professional driver starts on the inside. “You have to start with the desire to do the right thing. It’s an attitude you have to carry with you every day.”

Over the years, that attitude has helped Don earn several safety accolades, including a 25-year Safety Performance Plaque and a 27-year Safe Driving Certificate.

Don knows that the way he conducts himself is one of the keys to improving the trucking industry. “All trucks are not big and bad. There are good drivers out there on the highway. If the public sees truckers driving in an orderly manner, it causes respect for our industry.”

Don enjoys spending time with his family, including his wife of 30 years and his two children. He also likes to fish and hunt.

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