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FAQs about Shipping Truckload Freight

Posted by Daniel McDaniel on April 26, 2017 - 8:14 AM

Things to know about truckload shipping

In the world of freight shipping, where shippers need to move freight of all types and sizes, a variety of options are available. One commonly used method is full truckload shipping (FTL) — it’s the solution for shipments that require a dedicated truck, but is also used for transporting things like heavy-haul or oversized equipment, high-value goods and time-sensitive freight. Truckload freight typically travels on one trailer to one destination.

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Throwback Thursday: 1990 ABF Freight® Road Team

Posted by Jennifer Faldon on April 20, 2017 - 8:01 AM

The ABF Freight® Road Team represents the best of professional drivers for ArcBest carrier ABF Freight. They serve as ambassadors for ABF Freight and the trucking industry. We believe ABF Freight drivers can contribute significantly to enhancing the public image of the trucking industry and the people who move freight.

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June 2017 Trade Shows

Posted by Justin Bates on April 19, 2017 - 8:11 AM

June 2017 trade shows in the U.S.

Hardware and construction expos, educational conferences, and cooking and baking seminars highlight the June trade show market. Trade shows offer a range of professional benefits and are a great time to network with potential clients, learn from industry leaders and promote a new product. If you’re planning to attend a show this summer, review our list of the top trade shows scheduled for June. We’ve compiled information about all the important details you might need to start planning your trip.

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Four Logistics Trends to Watch

Posted by Dennis Anderson on April 18, 2017 - 8:11 AM

In the transportation industry, change is the one constant. We hear every day from our customers that they face increased supply chain complexity. At ArcBest, our creative problem solvers constantly strive to understand and adapt to our customers’ needs as they evolve.

As I also discussed in the March/April edition of Supply Chain Management Review, below are four key trends that are affecting supply chains of all sizes.

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U-Pack Team Shows ‘Why Customer Service Is Not Dead’

Posted by Kaitlyn Turner on April 17, 2017 - 9:30 AM

When a customer calls U-Pack®, a service of ArcBest℠, to discuss options for their household move, a team of knowledgeable sales consultants works to find the best solution. A recent customer sent a message to the U-Pack team detailing his positive experience with U-Pack.

The customer was moving from Nebraska to Illinois, which was a very stressful time for his family. He called U-Pack multiple times to ask questions and discuss his options.

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Throwback Thursday: 1959 — ArcBest Buys Healzer Cartage Co.

Posted by Jennifer Faldon on April 13, 2017 - 1:33 PM

In September 1959, ArcBest (then known as Arkansas-Best Freight System Inc.) purchased Healzer Cartage Company of Kansas City, Missouri.

The purchase gave ArcBest authority into the Kansas and Milwaukee areas, adding about 1,800 franchise miles to the carrier’s authority. “Now we can also offer one-line freight service between our Ohio points and Kansas and between Kansas City and Chicago and Milwaukee without intermediate handling,” said Robert A. Young Jr., president of Arkansas-Best Freight System.

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What Does ‘Simplistics’ Mean?

Posted by Jennifer Faldon on April 13, 2017 - 8:01 AM

ArcBest℠ recently rolled out a national advertising campaign — Welcome to Simplistics™.

So what does Simplistics mean?

At ArcBest, we understand navigating the supply chain can be difficult and challenging. But who says it has to be scary and complicated?

Simplistics is about uncomplicating shipping and logistics.

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Flatbed Trailer Shipping

Posted by Becky Harris on April 12, 2017 - 8:05 AM

What is a flatbed trailer?

Because freight comes in all shapes and sizes, sometimes a specialized approach is necessary for getting a shipment to its destination. If it’s heavy, wide, overweight or oversize, it requires transportation outside of what a standard enclosed freight trailer can accommodate. That’s where flatbed shipping comes in. Like the name indicates, a flatbed truck or trailer is one with a flat bed and no sides or roof — enabling freight to be loaded and unloaded from the top, sides or rear.

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Throwback Thursday: ArcBest’s 1955 Ad Campaign Vs. 2017 Campaign

Posted by Jennifer Faldon on April 6, 2017 - 8:02 AM

In 1955, ArcBest (then known as Arkansas Motor Freight) was growing beyond its local roots. Our advertising campaign that year touted “A finer service for all Arkansas,” and it outlined the opening of a large service center in Little Rock, Arkansas.

TBT 4.6.17 1955 AMF ad_750.jpg

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How the CRP Designation Improves Employee Relocation Programs

Posted by Kay Lynn Clay on April 5, 2017 - 8:05 AM

Utilizing a certified relocation specialist

Corporate relocation involves many pieces to manage. Everything from house appraisals and closing dates to packing and transportation must be coordinated to fit a specific timeframe. And with so many aspects to consider, it’s not unusual for a small change to make a big impact.

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