Schedule Pickup

ArcBest® provides a convenient way to schedule a freight pickup online. Enter the specifics of your shipment, including shipper and consignee details, origin and destination addresses, when the freight will be ready for pickup, commodities information, special instructions and additional services the shipment requires. You can also log in to your account to view recent pickup requests.

Additional Pickup Service Options

When you schedule pickup, you have the option to select from several add-on services based on the requirements of your shipment. Select the supplementary services you need:  

  • Time-critical service – For freight that requires fast delivery or freight that must be delivered by a specified date and window of time.
  • Liftgate-ground pickup – For large shipments that require mechanical loading or unloading devices.
  • Inside pickup – For when freight loading is not from a position immediately next to the vehicle.
  • Limited access pickup – For shipments originating where pickup may be delayed because of security or other limited access (such as a military base, school or construction site).
  • Residential pickup – For pickup at a private residence. 
  • Secure Shipment Divider – For enhanced security and/or privacy through freight separation.
  • Trade Show Pickup – For your exhibiting needs from start to finish.
  • Flatbed pickup – For oversized shipments that require top or side loading.
  • Sort & Segregate – For shipments that require special handling that includes sorting or segregating your shipment.
  • Freeze Protection – For when your shipment needs protection from freezing temperatures.