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We provide comprehensive shipping services and premium logistics solutions for elite freight — no matter when you need it

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Premium Logistics®

When the cost of failure outweighs the cost of shipping, choose ArcBest® premium logistics services to handle your precious cargo. Through our Panther Premium Logistics® fleet, we can monitor the temperature and location of a critical healthcare shipment on its way to a lab, utilize a dual-driver team to deliver a valuable antique, or expedite a replacement part to a manufacturer to minimize production downtime. We provide comprehensive shipping services and premium logistics solutions for freight that requires special handling, no matter when you need it.

ArcBest Solutions

When speed, security, precision and flexibility matter, choose ArcBest premium logistics services. Options include:


Move freight fast with our expedited shipping solutions. Because timing is most important, each premium expedite shipment travels directly to your destination on exclusive equipment — with no co-mingled freight. And because crisis frequently happens outside normal business hours, we’re available 24/7 to get your freight delivered quickly.

High-Value Product Protection

Trust ArcBest premium logistics for enhanced security and extra care when shipping valuable goods and high-value cargo that requires special handling. We take every precaution to safeguard each shipment, from something as simple as using extra protective materials, to using a trailer equipped with geo-fencing technology to monitor each precise movement. 

Specialized Equipment

From oversized freight to temperature-sensitive shipments that require en-route monitoring, ArcBest delivers the equipment you need, when you need it. Select from a variety of flatbed options for items that are too tall, wide or heavy for standard freight shipping, or ship bio-tech, pharmaceutical, medical or chemical freight with our proprietary temperature-controlled equipment. For time-critical or international shipments, our air freight solutions provide speed and reliability. No matter the situation, ArcBest offers a variety of specialized equipment for freight of all sizes and requirements.

Dedicated Services

Keep your supply chain running smoothly with customized, dedicated transportation services that meet your business needs. ArcBest offers reliable solutions for shipments that require guaranteed capacity and consistent on-time deliveries. With access to dedicated trailer pools, drop and hook services for high-frequency or regularly scheduled shipments, and optimized load planning and scheduling, you get better on-time performance and reduced transportation costs.

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