Cube Calculator

Cubic volume measures the amount of space an object takes up in height, width and length. Knowing an accurate cubic volume of your shipment is important because it indicates how much space it will occupy and could impact shipping costs. It’s also an important consideration when calculating a shipment’s density, which helps determine freight class.

Use our online cube calculator tool to determine the cubic volume of your shipment. Enter the length, width and height in either inches, feet, centimeters or meters. You also can change the quantity of the calculation if you have more than one identical package. The calculator will take the dimensions of your shipment and display a total shipment volume.


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How to Calculate Volume of a Cube

To calculate the volume of a shipment on your own, multiply its length by its width by its height. The formula for cube volume looks like this:


For irregularly shaped shipments, measure to the longest span of each side. For unitized or palletized cargo, be sure to include the crate, pallet, skid or braces in the measurement.