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Life Sciences & Healthcare Logistics Solutions 

Increase distribution efficiency and keep your products safe with solutions for the life sciences and healthcare industries   

When you have a healthcare, pharmaceutical or medical device shipment, best-in-class handling, on-time delivery and enhanced security are essential for success. ArcBest delivers. Our objectives are simple: protect the patient, protect the product and adhere to strict quality procedures. 

By partnering with ArcBest, you can trust that your shipments will be handled to your exact specifications — with FDA-compliance and high levels of security from beginning to end.  

Temperature stability means high acceptance rates

When temperature matters, even small shifts in climate can make products unfit for acceptance — a critical situation that impacts your revenue and reputation and can prevent patients from receiving the care they need. Keep your sensitive shipments safe and ready for delivery with temperature control solutions provided through our Panther Premium Logistics® fleet and our large network of truckload capacity providers.  

Safety protocols keep your shipments secure 

Maintaining the integrity of critical products is of utmost importance. That’s why our quality department makes sure healthcare and pharmaceutical shipments meet FDA regulations, and our drivers have the experience required to transport elite cargo. Training at every level ensures your shipment is handled correctly, which means you can rest easy knowing everything is being done to minimize risk and meet your needs.  

Have specific requests for how your freight is handled? We’ll work with you to create a quality agreement to establish processes for everything from booking procedures to contingency planning.  

Premium options give you more control  

Whether you need increased theft deterrence or faster transit times, we can provide a solution. Utilize additional security measures like dual-driver protection to safeguard your high-value freight or add premium transportation options to meet tight deadlines or ramp up your production schedule.    

Manage your logistics needs with ArcBest 

We can tailor our solutions to manage even the most sensitive shipments. Explore everything we have to offer or get in touch to see how we can help.