Create Shipping Labels

The shipping label tool allows you to create and print easy-to-read labels for each of your freight shipments. Once they’re printed, simply affix them to the outside of the shipment to communicate shipper and consignee information, shipment details, and any other important information such as reference numbers and inspection specifications.

How to Create Shipping Labels

Clear, complete shipping labels facilitate efficient delivery. Shipping labels should include:

  • Addressee information — Include name, title, organization, street address, and suite or floor number if applicable. Add a phone number if you are using a P.O. Box.
  • Return label — Include the same information for the sender.
  • Shipment or inspection details — Note whether the contents are fragile, liquid, perishable, etc.
  • Reference numbers — Shipping labels and return labels should have unique numbers to allow you to track them.

Print a Shipping Label

To create custom Avery® or Zebra® shipping labels for printing, simply fill in the text fields with the details of your shipment and choose the format you prefer.

When placing labels on your shipments, avoid seams, closures or existing packaging tape. And, if you’re reusing a box or shipping envelope, make sure all other markings are completely crossed out or covered.

Questions about shipment label creation or printing? Call 479-785-8900 for assistance.