Logistics Resources

Find the resources you need to help manage your supply chain. Get answers to frequently asked questions, track shipments via your mobile phone, integrate rate quotes directly into your website and more. ArcBest® provides seamless access to a full suite of logistics solutions.

Shipping API
Integrate rate quotes, shipment tracking and more — directly into your website or information systems.

Electronic Data Interchange
Reduce errors and lower costs by using a uniform processing system to trade information electronically between companies.

Rules and Special Service Charges
Review special services offered by ArcBest that are outside of standard pickup, transportation and delivery services.

NMFC Lookup
Find the NMFC freight class for your shipment with this easy-to-use lookup tool.

Fuel Surcharge Index
View the current fuel surcharge based on the currently reported U.S. National Average Diesel Fuel Index.

Find answers to frequently asked questions about the website and other common topics like pickup requests, bills of ladings and freight quotes.

Unfamiliar with a shipping term? We can help. Use our glossary to find the answers you need.