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Shipment Planning and Management

Get easy access to the shipping, planning and management tools required for unparalleled freight and logistics management. With the ability to plan, track and update your shipments all in one place, you have the visibility you need, when you need it.

Shipment Planning

Tools for efficient shipment planning.

Shipment Planner
A convenient calendar view of all scheduled shipment dates.

Manage your Commodities
Add, manage and create your own customizable commodity database.

Manage your Contacts
Add new contacts or manage current ones.

Freight Management

Tools for managing your existing shipments

Routing and Service Center Search
Get shipment routing details and look up your local service center. 

NMFC Lookup
Find the National Motor Freight Classification for your shipment.

Rules and Special Service Charges
Quickly view a list of frequently used rules and special service charges.

Service Advisories and Holiday Schedule
Get a quick view of service advisories, including service center and lane service interruptions due to adverse weather conditions or holidays.

Change Shipments In-Route

Even the best plans can change. Manage your in-route shipments here.

Expedite My Shipment
Need delivery faster than you thought? Change a standard delivery to an expedited delivery in route.

Reroute My Shipment
Venue change? (Or did you just get the address wrong?) Reroute your shipment — even after it’s been picked up.

Claims Management

Use these tools to simplify the claim-filing process.  

File a claim
Report loss or damage on a shipment.

Overcharge claim
File a claim disputing a bill that has already been paid.

Access claim information
Check the status of an existing claim.