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NMFC Lookup Tool

Defined by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA), National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) freight classes were created to streamline freight categorization and pricing across the industry. Use NMFC item numbers to classify your goods and receive the most accurate pricing.

Noting the right NMFC item number on the bill of lading is important to help you allocate correct shipping costs and avoid reclassification or rate differences. The NMFTA sets the freight class based on the density, handling, stowability and liability of the item, with all commodities falling under one of 18 classifications that range from class 50 to class 500.

  • Density refers to the weight per cubic foot of each piece, and can be easily determined with our density calculator.
  • Handling relates to any special handling requirements outside normal procedures due to fragility, hazardous conditions or other properties that could affect the item.
  • Stowability takes into account how the freight can be loaded with other freight.
  • Liability covers the likelihood of freight theft, damage or damage to nearby loads.

When combined, these factors help determine the NMFC code for any given shipment.

To find the correct NMFC item number for your shipment, use the NMFC Lookup on your freight quote or bill of lading, or log in to your account to request an NMFC. Don’t have an account yet? Click here to get started.