Document Creation Tools

Simplify your shipping processes with our easy-to-use document creation tools. Whether you need custom bills of lading, standard shipping labels or other specialized freight documents, these tools will help you quickly create the documentation you need.

Create a Bill of Lading

Use our bill of lading creation tool to generate a professional document for each of your loads. Simply fill out the required fields and print, or download a blank PDF to complete on your own.

Create Shipping Labels

Our Shipping Label Creation Tool is designed to help you generate clean, efficient shipping labels, ready to affix to your load. Include important specifics like shipper and consignee information, shipment details, reference numbers and inspection information to get custom, printer-ready Avery® or Zebra® shipping labels.

Create a Packing Slip

Packing slips are shipping documents that accompany your freight to provide greater detail about the shipment. Use our Packing Slip Creation Tool to create a detailed, itemized list — quickly and easily. Simply enter the information you want to appear, and the online tool will generate a custom document.

If you have questions or need assistance filling out your freight documents, our dedicated customer service team is available to help.