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Temperature-Controlled Shipping Solutions

From safely delivering a large pharmaceutical shipment to keeping a single pallet of batteries from freezing in harsh conditions, ArcBest® offers reliable solutions for sensitive freight. Choose from these options to fit your needs:

Premium Temperature and Humidity Control

If you’re shipping high-value freight, even a small climate shift can cause costly results. Our proprietary air-controlled equipment and temperature validated service allows you to ship sensitive items exactly as you need. Receive door-to-door transportation for temperature-sensitive shipments with the level of service you require. Our Panther Premium Logistics® service offers:

  • Customized protocols to meet each customer’s needs
  • Real-time location and temperature monitoring
  • FDA and global regulation compliance
  • Advanced safety measures

Keep track of your shipments online 24/7/365, and rest assured that they’re being handled to your exact specifications.      

Standard Temp Control Service

Protect freight from the elements by choosing temperature control service. You select the acceptable degree range for the trailer, and we’ll make sure the shipment travels safely. This solution is ideal for items that need standard security measures.

Temperature-Controlled LTL

In colder months, fluctuating outdoor temperatures can create problems for less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments sensitive to temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. To keep this freight safe, ArcBest LTL carrier ABF Freight® offers a freeze protection program. By requesting this service and marking “protect from freezing” on your bill of lading, you’ll receive enhanced transportation measures such as:

  • Forecast monitoring
  • Optimized routing
  • Increased visibility

We work to keep freeze-prone freight moving through our LTL network so it can reach its destination quickly and safely.

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