Shipping Reports

Easily analyze shipment performance with our convenient shipment reporting tool. Search, sort and select specific shipment details to quickly view the information you need to make decisions that can improve your business. Whether you’re working on an ad-hoc evaluation or updating a recurring status report, ArcBest® offers robust shipping and logistics reports for any scenario.

Shipment Report Options

Choose from several options to generate shipment performance reports. View all shipments (past and present) or narrow your data to a specific time frame only. Search by reference number, shipment type, freight type, or pickup, delivery or due dates. Shipment report types include:

  • Outbound delivered
  • Outbound in-transit
  • Inbound delivered
  • Inbound in-transit
  • Past-due bills
  • Time-critical shipments

View shipment reports online for easy sharing, or download each report as a spreadsheet for in-depth analysis. You also can create, modify and save personalized reporting selections for quick reference in the future, making it easy to view the information you need, whenever you need it.

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