ARC Rules Tariff

View the terms, conditions, rules and special service charges for ArcBest® provided services in the ARC 111 Series Rules Tariff. These publications explain the details of, and charges for, optional services you may request beyond standard services, which for transportation include normal pickup, transportation of goods and normal delivery.

Rules, charges and conditions of provided services will apply on all shipments moving under pricing publications and agreements, including individual customer agreements, where ARC 111 is showing as a governing publication. Provisions in these publications apply on shipments or other transactions tendered or initiated on or after the date listed on the publication and are subject to change. Any exceptions will be noted in specific account pricing provisions.

Note Temporary Changes in Response to COVID-19

Delivery Receipts

In order to protect the health and safety of our customers, employees, and service providers, all shipments tendered to ArcBest and ABF no longer require signature on the delivery receipt. Drivers and delivery personnel will log the date, time, and location of delivery. This data log will serve as conclusive proof of delivery. When possible, service Drivers and delivery personnel will also log the name of the receiving individual and take photographs of the delivered shipment. This rule will remain active until we determine that social distancing is no longer required.

Rules and Special Service Charges covering services provided by ArcBest
ARC 111

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