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Billing and Payments

Managing your shipments is more convenient than ever with ArcBest® online billing. Control payments, and view detailed account information with these easy-to-use tools. 

View Recent Shipments

Keep track of current and previous shipments, and monitor payment status to simplify your billing process. Up-to-date reporting allows you to organize your account history for efficient bookkeeping.  

Manage Payments

Pay due bills from our secure online form, and get valuable insight into your account with comprehensive payment records. Sort the list of shipments by “due,” “overdue” and “paid” to easily see the status of your transactions. You can also request adjustments for invoices you believe are incorrect.

Retrieve Invoices and Documents

View and download shipment invoices and essential documents — all in one place. Search by PRO number, BOL number, PO number or any other tracking number. If you don’t know a tracking number, you can put any shipment detail in the search box to locate the documents you need.

Log in or create an account to access these billing and payment features. For questions or assistance, call 800-610-5544.