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Manage My Commodities

Keep track of your commodities and manage shipment details for easy document creation. If you frequently ship the same type of freight, save essential information with the My Commodities tool, and use it for future shipments.

Add a New Commodity

Creating a new commodity only requires the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) and description, making it easy for you to save the information that’s important to you — as little or as much as you’d like. Available fields are:

  • Name
  • NMFC Item and Sub
  • Class
  • Cube
  • Weight
  • Handling Unit Type and Quantity
  • Package Type and Quantity
  • Description

Forget to save a new commodity? Commodities that were recently used on the quote and bill of lading forms are automatically saved to the My Commodities tool for a limited time. If it’s one you may need again, navigate to the My Commodities tool to save it for future use.

Save Frequently Used Commodities

Save and edit your frequently used commodities to streamline the freight quote and bill of lading creation processes. To use saved commodities on the quote or bill of lading, simply click “Choose from Commodities” in the Commodity section of the form. Add one or more at a time by choosing the desired commodities from the list and clicking “Use Selected.” Your form will auto-complete with the saved information.

To access the My Commodities tool, log in or register for an account.