America's Road Team - 2013-2014 - Loren Hatfield

Posted by Lindsey Kennedy on January 1, 2014 - 9:20 AM
Loren Hatfield

Little Rock, Arkansas, Road Driver Loren Hatfield believes that driving is not a race. His best piece of advice to drivers is to just slow down and enjoy the ride.

Loren has been enjoying the ride for almost 15 years, and during that time, he has earned a 10-year Safety Performance Plaque and an 11-year Safe Driving Certificate. He has competed in the National Truck Driving Championships three times. He has received the highest written score in the Arkansas Truck Driving Championships twice.

His message to the motoring public is that truck drivers are delivering your future. “Most professional truck drivers don’t intend to do things to hold up traffic. Just keep that in mind. When you are driving home from work, you are in our office space. We’re there to do a job and do it safely because we’re delivering your future.”

Loren and his family enjoy the great outdoors. He loves activities that involve water, such as boating, skiing, and fishing. He also likes to camp and ride ATVs.

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