America's Road Team - 2015-2016 - Chad Miller

Posted by Lindsey Kennedy on January 1, 2014 - 9:27 AM
Chad Miller

South Chicago, Illinois, Road Driver Chad Miller began his careerin the freight industry in 1983. Since that time, he's driver over three million miles accident free.

When asked to describe his involvement in the ABF Freight Quality Process, he said, "I not only driver every mile safely and professionally, but I also treat my job as if I had all the responsbility of owning the company."

With hard work comes success, and that's exactly what Chad has accomplished in his 22 years with ABF Freight. He has been named Driver of the Quarter and has placed fourth at the National Truck Driving Championships in his class. Chad has earned a Two Million Mile Safe Driving Award, a 15-year Safety Performance Plaque and a 21-year Safe Driving Certificate.

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