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Truckload Lane Highlight

Posted by Becky Harris on January 20, 2021 - 1:28 PM
Truckload shipment moving down the highway.

Get capacity and competitive rates in your key truckload lanes  

Peak season demand, fluctuating capacity levels and other market changes can cause delays and rate increases for truckload shippers. And when these issues happen in areas critical to your supply chain, your bottom line can take a significant hit. To help offset capacity issues and get your truckload shipments on the road, ArcBest is offering extra capacity in strategic locations. By balancing supply and demand in these key markets, we’re able to offer consistent, competitive pricing and keep your freight covered.   

What lanes are available? 

Currently, this is available for shipments moving to and from these locations: 

  • Allentown, PA to Chicago, IL

  • Atlanta, GA to Chicago, IL

  • Atlanta, GA to Dallas, TX

  • Atlanta, GA to Elizabeth, NJ - Philadelphia, PA

  • Atlanta, GA to Los Angeles, CA

  • Boston, MA to Chicago, IL

  • Chicago, IL to Atlanta, GA

  • Chicago, IL to Dallas, TX 

  • Chicago, IL to Elizabeth, NJ - Philadelphia, PA

  • Chicago, IL to Laredo, TX

  • Chicago, IL to Los Angeles, CA

  • Chicago, IL to Minneapolis, MN

  • Cincinnati, OH to Chicago, IL 

  • Dallas, TX to Atlanta, GA 

  • Dallas, TX to Chicago, IL 

  • Dallas, TX to Houston, TX

  • Dallas, TX to Laredo, TX

  • Dallas, TX to Los Angeles, CA 

  • Dallas, TX to Memphis, TN

  • Houston, TX to Charlotte, NC

  • Houston, TX to Chicago, IL

  • Houston, TX to Dallas, TX 

  • Houston, TX to Indianapolis, IN

  • Houston, TX to Los Angeles, CA

  • Houston, TX to Memphis, TN

  • Lexington, KY to Chicago, IL

  • Los Angeles, CA to Dallas, TX

  • Philadelphia, PA to Atlanta, GA

  • Philadelphia, PA to Charlotte, NC

  • Philadelphia, PA to Chicago, IL

  • Philadelphia, PA to Dallas, TX

  • Portland, OR to Los Angeles, CA

  • San Francisco, CA to Los Angeles, CA

  • Seattle, WA to Los Angeles, CA

  • Stockton, CA to Los Angeles, CA 

Lanes will be added regularly to help you move freight fast and efficiently around the U.S. — keep checking this post for updates.  

What type of freight can benefit from these lanes? 

53-foot dry van shipments that pick up and deliver within a 50-mile radius of qualifying origin and destination cities will have access to the increased capacity and improved rates. Shipments also must be live load and unload.  

I have other truckload shipping needs. Can ArcBest help? 

Absolutely! With more than 20,000 prequalified service providers across the nation, we can help with any truckload shipment you have. Let us know what you need, and we'll get it covered. Learn more about our full truckload solution.

Download this flier to see all available lanes.

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