What is Canadian Customs Compliance?

Posted by Joanne Laurendeau on August 3, 2015 - 3:34 PM
Customs compliance

Canadian customs compliance in a nutshell

Canadian customs compliance is a highly involved and resource-intensive operation because of customs-related mandates. Canadian customs compliance involves documentation handling, security practices, interaction with customs brokers and data/information exchange to multiple government agencies.

For the trucking industry, it always has been a major undertaking. Numerous regulations — from the extremely specific to the incredibly vague — allow for vast interpretation. 

A solid compliance program fortifies a company’s image, brand and reputation. It helps build customer-carrier relationships by offering higher levels of trust. It also reduces border wait times,  inspections and overall movement costs.

It takes dedication and unrelenting pursuit of perfection to ensure an organization is fully compliant 100 percent of the time. As the size of the organization grows, so do the opportunities for failure.

Organizations that succeed in the compliance realm have been found to provide their compliance personnel sufficient resources and decision-making ability to provide the optimal environment for success.

Primary references carriers refer to for regulations include:

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