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Creating a Clean Environment Today for a Better World Tomorrow

ArcBest® is committed to positively impacting the world by addressing environmental issues and finding solutions that make it a better place to live. We actively explore and implement green initiatives that improve energy efficiency and reduce harmful emissions. From building an eco-friendly corporate headquarters, to governing tractor speed and embracing aerodynamic truck designs, we’re focused on creating a culture of environmental awareness.

Sustainable Facilities

We work to ensure each of our locations leaves a positive impact on the environment. Construction on our new LEED Silver certified headquarters was completed in 2017, and some of our other facilities are being remodeled following green building practices.

Things We’re Doing

Corporate Headquarters

Our corporate office is designed to minimize environmental impact. The energy-efficient materials used to construct the building, and the green initiatives implemented within the building, contribute to both environmental and employee wellness. This includes:

  • Building materials, desks and cubicles made from recycled products
  • Stormwater treatment facilities
  • Low-e coated glass windows with a high UV rating to help reduce heat in the summertime
  • Air-cooled chillers that cool the building more efficiently than air ducts
  • Rooftop DOAS (Direct Outside Air Systems) Units that pretreat the fresh air brought into the building for improved air quality
  • LED lights, light sensors, ambient lighting and energy recovery wheels inside the building to reduce energy consumption
  • More than 60 parking spots available for fuel-efficient vehicles, as well as bicycles and motorcycle parking
  • Water-bottle filling stations
  • Recycling stations
  • Toilets, sinks and fountains with low water flow to reduce the amount of water used
  • Negatively charged carpet fiber that repels stains to eliminate the need to use chemicals when cleaning
  • Biodegradable cleaning products and paper towels made from recycled material
  • Transitioning from disposable foam plates, bowls and coffee cups to a more sustainable product, and encouraging employees to provide their own reusable products

Our Service Centers

We operate more than 240 service centers across North America. With such a vast network, we owe it to the environment and our customers to recycle, refurbish and properly dispose of products. We’re converting to LED lighting, using recycled oil for heat in some locations and implementing other initiatives including:

Pollution Prevention

To comply with the Clean Water Act that prevents water pollution, all service centers with maintenance or fueling activities are stormwater permitted and have stormwater prevention plans in place.

Fuel Storage Improvements

To protect water sources, our on-site fuel storage is restricted to facilities with high fuel use, and we use both above ground and underground tanks. All tank systems comply with federal, state and local regulations. Underground tank systems include state-of-the-art designs with double-walled fiberglass tanks and lines, spill and overfill prevention and electronic tank monitoring.


To minimize waste, we recycle all oil, antifreeze, cleaning solutions and scrap metal. We also return used engine batteries to the manufacturer and use retread tires. In many shops, using cloth rags is an alternative to paper towels.

Sustainable Equipment

We are committed to operating clean, fuel-efficient equipment. The average age of ABF Freight road tractors is 17 months, and ABF city power units average six years. In 2018, we reduced our overall carbon footprint for a savings of 14,300 tons in CO2 emissions. In 2019, we purchased 450 road tractors with optimized fuel economy to decrease emissions.

Here are other ways we ensure the efficiency of the ABF Freight fleet:

  • Road tractor speed is governed at 66 mph for optimized fuel efficiency
  • All over-the-road, city and yard tractors have computerized engine shut-offs to reduce idling
  • Almost 15,000 trailers have been retrofitted or purchased with aerodynamic skirts to reduce wind resistance
  • Many tractors are ordered with roof fairings and side fairings to reduce wind resistance and increase fuel economy
  • All road equipment have low-rolling-resistance tires to reduce energy loss
  • All road tractors have automated manual transmissions to improve fuel mileage — our city fleet is transitioning to this
  • Biodiesel fuel is used in certain locations to increase energy and enhance air quality
  • All dock forklifts are powered by LPG engines, recognized by the EPA as a clean, alternative fuel

Partnerships and Awards

Our award-winning ABF Freight fleet demonstrates our commitment to creating a cleaner world:

  • 2014, 2018 and 2019 SmartWay Excellence Award from the EPA
  • SmartWay Green 75 Supply Chain Partner for seven consecutive years
  • Named a 2019 SmartWay High Performer
  • Received the California Air Resources Board Certificate of Compliance in 2019