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Temperature Control vs. Temperature Validation

Posted by Becca Soard on May 10, 2017 - 8:05 AM
Temp monitoring services

Options for shipping temperature-control items

Not all temperature-sensitive freight is the same — some items require simple safeguarding against atmospheric conditions while others need high-level security and enhanced visibility. But no matter the freight type, the shipper primarily needs the shipment to maintain its value during transit. So, how do transportation providers ensure shipments will deliver safely and securely? ArcBest® offers two solutions: temperature controlled and temperature validated. We can give you the protection you need through our Panther Premium Logistics service.

Choosing the right method

To make sure you’re selecting the best solution, it’s important to understand what each service entails and know the types of products they’re designed to protect. Compare the options below to determine which solution applies to your situation:

Temperature control

Customers who opt for this service can choose a degree range for the trailer. While the shipment is in transit, we will monitor it to make sure it stays within the acceptable range. This is ideal for items that need freeze protection or other basic care. Examples include:

  • Paint
  • Chemicals and other hazardous materials
  • Batteries and electronics

Temperature validation

Freight that requires premium protection should be shipped with temperature-validated service. This allows us to actively monitor the shipment from our office through the refrigeration unit and the calibrated probes inside the trailer. Customers can view the status of the trailer online and can receive a record of the data to verify the temperature was never outside the chosen range. The types of shipments that may need this option include:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical devices
  • Artwork

No matter the level of service required, we’re equipped to ship, monitor and protect your sensitive freight.  

Details about ArcBest temperature-monitoring services 

With equipment validation and advanced safety measures, customers can depend on us to meet the requirements of every temperature-controlled shipment. Learn more about our vehicles and services:

Equipment information

Temperature-sensitive shipments are transported in vehicles that are compliant with manufacturer specifications and in-house testing procedures. Each unit is calibrated and tested individually, ensuring reliable and quality transportation. The equipment:

  • Averages only 2.3 years in age
  • Allows us to maintain temperatures ranging from -34 to 35 degrees Celsius (-29.9 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit). Note that the product should be at the correct temperature when it’s loaded
  • Has alarms to alert us of any issues     

Safety protocols

Along with actively maintaining the integrity of the equipment, we also work to meet and exceed any customer or government requirements. Our quality department makes sure healthcare and pharmaceutical shipments meet FDA regulations, and our drivers have the experience required to transport elite cargo.

Have specific requests for how your freight is handled? We have quality agreements in place with each customer and can establish processes for everything from booking procedures to contingency planning. Let us know the requirements for your shipments, and we’ll work to ensure your needs are met.

Premium options

We offer additional security measures and transportation options to safeguard your critical freight. Whether you need faster transit times or increased theft deterrence, we can provide a solution. Premium services include:

  • Dual-driver protection. Guard high-value goods by arranging for two drivers to transport your cargo. These drivers will constantly watch the vehicle and take security precautions during transit.
  • Geo-fencing. Create a virtual boundary using a tracking system to ensure the vehicle is where it should be. We’ll monitor the truck’s location and take immediate action if it leaves the boundary.
  • Expedite. Get freight delivered fast with expedite shipping. Choose from overnight, same day, next day or second day to get critical shipments delivered on time. 

Schedule temperature-controlled shipping

Whether you’re shipping pharmaceuticals, chemical products or valuable art pieces, ArcBest offers solutions you can trust. When a shipment requires temperature control, rely on us for:

  • 24/7/365 web visibility
  • Live position and temperature monitoring
  • Strict adherence to customer protocols and FDA standards

For more information about shipping temperature-sensitive freight, call 877-464-5094.

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