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What is Residential Delivery and How Does it Work?

Posted by Brent Dorrough on May 11, 2018 - 8:33 AM
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The increasing popularity of residential delivery

As the shift to e-commerce shopping grows, consumers are more confident in what they purchase online. It’s become normal to buy large items like mattresses, treadmills, electronics or other home furnishings via the Internet. This way, shoppers can have their order delivered directly to their home instead of handling heavy items themselves.

With this change in buying behavior, customers have come to expect a smooth, efficient experience when getting their freight delivered. They want it on time and damage-free. To meet these expectations, retailers are taking a look at their transportation strategies to make sure the carrier they use for residential shipments understands the importance of a good customer experience.  

What is residential delivery?

With residential delivery, the carrier transports freight directly to a residence or business. Unlike a standard LTL shipment, where freight is delivered to locations with loading docks, these shipments  are delivered to customers’ homes or businesses either curbside or directly to the doorstep.=

Residential shipping with ArcBest®

Dependability is part of a retailer’s brand experience, so when our customers need to ship goods directly to their customers’ doorsteps quickly and reliably, ArcBest delivers. Through our less-than-truckload (LTL) carrier ABF Freight® and our extensive network of truckload carriers, ArcBest can design a shipment plan to get freight where it needs to be in a timely and cost-effective manner. We offer around-the-clock shipment monitoring and a central point of contact from start to finish. We have more than 240 service center locations across North America with drivers who perform pickups and deliveries each day. To better accommodate your customers, ArcBest also offers two- to four-hour delivery windows. This gives your customers the ability to set a more specific delivery time so they can be home to receive the shipment.

For example, consider a business that ships exercise equipment from a warehouse in Atlanta to homes across the country. In order to do this efficiently, they need to incorporate several shipping methods — from long-haul to regional less-than-truckload. If the company selects a carrier that offers a network of transportation options and has the ability to customize a delivery plan that meets their customers’ needs, the exercise equipment gets delivered when and where the customer expects it. The result is an excellent customer experience. And that delivery experience, in turn, impacts how the customer rates the company they purchased the exercise equipment from. 

Contact the ArcBest customer solutions team to discuss strategies for optimizing your current residential delivery shipment plan.

Residential shipping tips

When shipping to residential addresses, there are some important things to keep in mind to ensure a smooth delivery:  

  • Note any special equipment that is needed (such as liftgate service) or any specific handling instructions
  • Provide accurate dimensions and weight of the freight
  • Include accurate contact information (name of consignee, phone number and exact physical address)
  • Confirm with the consignee that an adult 18 years or older will be home to accept the item
  • Identify any low-hanging branches, narrow or gravel driveways, or steps that would prevent the driver from performing the delivery in a 28-foot trailer
  • If inside delivery is requested, make sure the freight dimensions do not exceed the doorway opening dimensions
  • For inside delivery, ensure the delivery location is clear of any obstructions
  • Note any special requirements (gate codes, etc.) and any parking restrictions

ArcBest residential delivery services

In a competitive business environment, you know meeting customer expectations is a major priority. ArcBest understands residential delivery and offers flexible solutions to keep you ahead of the game. If you need home delivery services, trust us to get your freight delivered on time and intact. Call 800-610-5544 for more information or to get a quote.