How Does Transportation Affect a Product Launch?

Posted by Scott Tharnish on February 26, 2016 - 1:55 PM
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Transportation’s Role in a Product Launch

When introducing a new product to the market, the transportation partner you choose is critical. A service with global reach, equipment capacity, knowledgeable experts and the technology to support a dynamic rollout can be the difference between whether a new product launch is a success or a failure.

Anticipating and managing the types of shipments involved with a new product rollout is where ArcBest® companies thrive. The ability to safely and securely move your product and simultaneously deliver to retail locations within a specified time frame requires freight transportation specialists with a detailed understanding of supply chain and the technology to carry out each step of the process. With that expertise, we have the capability to successfully deliver new products to the market on time and intact.

Let’s take a look at what makes up the shipping portion of a product launch and why those details are important to a seamless rollout.

What’s involved in coordinating product launch shipments?

One of the biggest components of any launch is the shipping data. This includes information such as the pickup and delivery locations for the product, freight dimensions and weight, packaging and pallet details, the time frame and scope of the project, and any other specifics that could affect shipping. This data is used in the planning and execution of a launch, making accurate data crucial.

Your transportation provider should help guide you through the phases of the rollout and customize a plan that meets your requirements, from initial data collection to final delivery. Our Product Launch team offers a comprehensive product launch service that includes a single point of contact to design your load plan, optimize scheduling and handling, and execute the shipping phase of the rollout. Having the full support of the ArcBest network allows you to focus on promoting your product and growing your business.

Each product launch service includes:

Load Planning and Optimization — Our team will analyze your shipping data to develop the most efficient way to load the freight, including which trailer to load shipments into and the best day(s) to load. This helps you maximize equipment usage and reduce handling. By following a load plan and keeping handling to a minimum, the freight stays as you loaded it until a transfer is necessary, lowering the possibility of damage and saving time.

Shipment Scheduling — We plan, schedule and optimize pickup and delivery across all rollout locations. Whether the shipment count is 20 or 2,000, our technology allows for a streamlined experience from start to finish. Our tools make it simple to coordinate simultaneous deliveries across your network, with real-time updates for each location. We’ll also help you identify when additional services like expedited transit, warehousing or white glove/final mile are needed for your specific situation.

Damage Prevention — We take extra steps to ensure your freight arrives at its destination damage-free, which is especially important during a product launch. We provide labels to mark fragile or sensitive freight, and we can create each Bill of Lading for you to make sure the right descriptions are included to emphasize careful handling.

Flexibility — Things can change quickly in retail, and we can easily make adjustments to accommodate new circumstances. Add warehousing services when timelines change, request a report for shipment tracking updates, or add extra security for high-value freight or sensitive materials. Whatever you need, we’ll find a way to adapt to the unexpected changes that can and do occur during a product launch.

Product rollout examples

When a company was faced with a large-scale rollout that spanned the United States, they needed a shipping solution that offered the support and flexibility to fit their specific requirements. See how one company gained transportation efficiencies through our Product Launch team in this case study (available to save or download).

Find solutions you need with a company you can trust

Offer your vendors and partners a better experience that comes from the knowledge and organization that ArcBest delivers. We manage the complicated logistics involved with a product launch and provide real-time information to keep you updated on the status, every step of the way.

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