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Benefits of Dedicated Transportation

Posted by Mike Schreurs on October 15, 2020 - 12:02 PM
Dedicated transportation

Is dedicated transportation right for your business? 

Do you need more capacity in areas where you have recurring shipments? Do you already have a fleet, but need specific equipment for some specialized freight? And are you concerned about the costs involved with adding people and equipment? If so, dedicated transportation may be exactly what you need. It offers reliability — even in times of limited capacity and driver shortages —and it takes the responsibility of sourcing capacity off your plate.

4 reasons to add a dedicated solution to your transportation strategy 

Here’s how using dedicated transportation can help streamline your operation and make it easier for you to do business. 

Operate like a private fleet but outsource management 

When you factor in things like driver compensation, technology, maintenance costs, and administrative and operational support, owning a fleet isn’t cheap. With a dedicated solution, you can avoid the added costs that come with fleet maintenance and management and hiring drivers. And because your provider is responsible for fleet upkeep, driver recruiting, etc., you won’t have to add additional resources to your team.  

This serves the dual purpose of helping improve your bottom line while freeing you up to more effectively run your business. You gain access to the right equipment, precisely when you need it — and you don’t have to handle the details. 

Gain better pricing stability and control costs  

Dedicated transportation often comes with lower, more consistent shipping rates. This is because freight is traveling the same routes on a predictable schedule, and carriers can often optimize equipment usage to reduce empty miles and save costs.  

Savings also come with stability. When you move freight on a regular schedule and along the same routes, you develop a cadence — a consistent rhythm of inbound and outbound shipments, with precise delivery windows. This helps you plan more effectively and utilize assets more efficiently, which helps you keep transportation costs down, even if demand increases. 

Improve punctuality of pickups and deliveries and reduce claims

In a dedicated shipping scenario, you control the fleet — with no other freight on the truck, there’s no need for the driver to drop off other shipments along the way to the destination and no need to load or unload along the way. This leads to better shipment planning, timely pickups, consistent on-time deliveries and a reduced chance for damage. It’s also easier to modify route schedules as needed because the equipment and driver are committed only to your freight. 

Make better decisions 

With the use of transportation management technology, dedicated transportation providers can help increase efficiency and improve performance. Features like optimized routing systems and end-to-end load tracking, allow shippers to gain access to the insights needed to make the best shipping decisions and gain a competitive edge.   

Spend less time worrying about logistics and more time on your business 

Does Dedicated Transportation sound like a good fit for you? ArcBest® can help. As a logistics provider with our own assets, you’ll have exclusive access to dedicated equipment, professional drivers and an experienced operational support team. We’ll partner with you to learn your business, review your current routes and delivery requirements, and help design an optimized plan that creates efficiencies and reduces costs. Learn more about ArcBest Dedicated services.