Improving Vendor Compliance Performance

Posted by Dwight Hayes on June 26, 2019 - 4:31 PM
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Vendor compliance doesn’t have to be complicated

Every retailer has requirements in place to streamline its shipping and receiving processes. And meeting them is key to a vendor’s success. Failure to comply with assigned delivery times, labeling practices and other shipping procedures can result in financial penalties and damaged relationships. But because compliance means different things for each retailer, vendors can struggle to meet the varying conditions of when, where and how they may deliver goods. That doesn’t mean the two are working against each other, though. When it all boils down, retailers and vendors are looking for the same thing: satisfied customers.

Take a look at some key details of retail compliance programs, and learn how ArcBest® can help you improve performance with Retail+.

Three things to know about retailers’ compliance requirements

  1. Everyone benefits
    Vendor compliance programs are sometimes viewed as only benefiting the retailer. But they’re good for everyone involved! Vendors can avoid chargebacks and become preferred vendors, retailers can get products in front of customers, and shoppers can get what they ordered when they need it.
  2. Requirements can change
    As changes occur in the industry or with shopper behavior, retailers have to adjust their shipping and receiving policies to remain competitive. That’s why events like moving from must-arrive-by date (MABD) to on-time, in-full (OTIF) happen — retailers are just reacting to the marketplace. But as these changes occur, vendors have to adapt as well. Having the right logistics provider and a streamlined supply chain will prepare you to meet any new requirements.  
  3. Communication is crucial
    Because vendor compliance requirements aren’t set in stone, it’s important to keep in contact with your retailers and logistics companies. The sooner you can tell your provider about changes, the easier it will be to adjust shipping processes.

Improve performance with the ArcBest Retail+ program

To help overcome your compliance challenges, ArcBest offers Retail+. This program is designed to help you deliver products at exactly the right time, and it can be tailored to fit even the most complex shipping and delivery requirements.

Here are a few benefits of enrolling in Retail+:

Multiple delivery options

Transportation needs aren’t one-size-fits-all. We offer an array of delivery solutions to fit your situation, including time critical and expedite transit, synchronized delivery across multiple locations, and must-arrive-by options to meet vendor compliance terms. We’ll find a way to make sure your shipments arrive right on time.

Compliance planning tool

To help you meet delivery windows and avoid chargebacks/penalties, we maintain a database of delivery requirements for major retailers across the country. Use our Retail Delivery Compliance Planner to determine when you need to ship your freight. The compliance planner works in five simple steps:

  1. Log in to the planner
  2. Provide the requested delivery window or date
  3. Select from your pre-loaded locations
  4. Select the retailer location (or provide country, city and ZIP)
  5. The tool calculates the pick-up date

As long as the shipment information is correct, we’ll have what we need to get it delivered on time.

Precise records

Keep track of carrier-requested due dates, gate time stamps and more to dispute retailer fines and better manage shipment performance. With the right documentation, you’re in a better position to control costs and defend any inaccurate penalties.

Learn more about Retail+

We understand the obstacles associated with a retail supply chain. From replenishment orders to large-scale product launches, our experienced representatives can help determine the services you need and develop a plan that works for your business. Rely on ArcBest retail services for a seamless solution every time.


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