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Freight Pickup and Delivery – What You Should Know

Posted by Becky Harris on May 26, 2020 - 3:33 PM
Trailers at a loading dock for freight pickup and delivery

A great shipping experience begins with a smooth pickup 

When customers get their shipments on time and without damage, they’re much more likely to keep doing business with you and talk about their positive experience. But if something goes wrong and their expectations aren’t met, they’ll just tell people about their negative experience. That’s why scheduling freight pickup and delivery for the right time and place is critical.

ArcBest® has processes in place to make it easy for you to ensure your customers receive shipments when and where they expect them. Understanding how pickup and delivery works puts you in a better position to improve operational efficiency and build long-lasting relationships. 

Scheduling pickups and deliveries with ArcBest

We offer two ways to submit pickup and delivery requests — online and over the phone:   

Requesting pickup and delivery online 

You can schedule LTL, time critical, final mile and trade show shipments quickly and easily with our online pickup request tool, 24/7/365. Just include the following details on the form:

  • Origin and destination addresses
  • Pickup date and time (include the dock’s hours of operation) 
  • Type of freight you’re shipping (dimensions and number of pieces) 
  • The NMFC number (and UN or NA number if the goods are HAZMAT)  
  • Any specific info on packaging or handling needed  

In the Additional Service Options section at the bottom of the form, you can select specific services like time critical, tradeshow and residential delivery, and include special instructions (like do not stack, freeze protection, sort and segregate, etc.).  


To make sure your trade show materials are delivered when and where you need them, we need a few additional details. Please also include:

  • Shipper’s name -- enter under Origin where it says “Company Name” 
  • Driver check-in time — enter under Pickup Information where it says “Instructions”
  • General Service Contractor’s name — enter under Consignee where it says “Company Name”
  • The name of the show and booth number — enter under Origin where it says “Care of” 

Requesting pickup and delivery by phone

If you would like to speak directly with an ArcBest representative to schedule your pickup or delivery, or you have a truckload, product launch or expedite pickup request, please call us — we’re happy to help with planning and execution. We’ll need the same details as the online request, so have those ready when you call. 

Here’s how to reach us:   

  • Call 800-610-5544 for LTL, time critical, final mile, trade show, truckload and product launch. We’re available 24/7, excluding major U.S. holidays for all but time critical, where we’re available 24/7/365.  
  • Call 800-685-0657 for expedite services — we’re available 24/7/365

FAQs about our pickup and delivery services 

Can I view recent pickup requests? 

Yes. Login to your account to see all recent pickup requests. 

Who picks up my freight? 

Depending on the service, ArcBest, ABF Freight®, Panther® or a trusted provider in our carrier network will pick up your freight. If you need to know what carrier to expect, ask us when booking. 

Can ArcBest pick up or deliver my goods after hours or on the weekends? 

Yes! Through our time-critical, expedite and truckload solutions, we can meet tight windows, even during non-business hours. Call 800-610-5544 to schedule an after-hours shipment. 

Is there an extra charge for wait time? 

In most cases, yes. Detention charges will apply for all services except when moving trade show shipments on ABF equipment.

Can I use my own Bill of Lading? 

Yes, you can use your own Bill of Lading (BOL) — include any quote or booking numbers you’ve been given to ensure accurate rates and services are applied and provide a copy of the BOL to the driver when they pick up the freight. 

How long will it take to ship my freight? 

Transit time depends on the type of service you choose and where you’re shipping to and from.

For standard LTL and truckload shipments, use our online calculator to view estimated times

If you need a more precise delivery date and/or time and are using expedite or time critical services, call 800-685-0657 to learn more about expedite transit times or 800-610-5544 for time critical.  

How do I track my shipment? 

Use our online tracking tool to view live updates and monitor the status of your freight 24/7. For a more holistic view, log in to your account or create an account.   

Ship with ArcBest 

From arranging pickups and deliveries to ensuring equipment is always available, ArcBest offers the services and support you need to provide a positive experience for your customers. Let us know if you have questions about how we can partner with you to create efficiencies that make your job easier.