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Shipping High-Value Freight with ArcBest

Posted by Justin Bates on August 8, 2018 - 8:03 AM
Moving a high value shipment

Transporting high-value freight

Shippers always place high importance on a carrier’s ability to deliver freight without incident, but when the shipment is high-value or sensitive, it’s even more essential. With this type of freight, it’s necessary to work with an experienced carrier that understands things like packaging best practices, the best modes of transportation for a specific type of shipment, and in-transit protection. We’ll take a look at some tips for packaging and securing your sensitive freight, then explain how ArcBest® can customize a premium solution for delivering your high-value shipments safely and securely.

Package with extra care

When it comes to preventing damage, proper packaging is key. This is the case with any type of shipment, but sensitive goods or those with a high monetary value often require more attention. If your shipment requires extra protection, here are a few packaging tips to help ensure it arrives at its destination safely:

Use suitable boxes, crates and supplies

While using lightweight boxes may be more economical on the front end, if you have freight that requires extra care you’ll want to use the strongest boxes available. In some cases, double-boxing and extra packaging may be needed to keep items from shifting in transit. If boxes don’t provide adequate protection, shipments may also require crating or other specialized packaging.

Items like moving blankets, padding, straps or a bulkhead to separate the shipment from other freight also can add an extra layer of security. And, if you’re shipping highly sensitive freight that needs to be hidden from public view, several layers of opaque shrink wrap may be required.

Let us know when you book your shipment if your freight requires a custom-built crate or other packaging materials. Or, if you’re unsure and need help determining the best way to package your high-value freight, ArcBest offers packaging services to assist you.

Properly label the shipment

Providing complete, accurate information on all shipping documents is especially important with a high-value shipment — it tells the carrier important details like where and how to deliver the freight and includes any special instructions. You’ll complete a shipping label, bill of lading and packing slip for each shipment.

The shipping label should be affixed to the outside of the freight and include:

  • Consignee’s name, delivery address, phone number, etc.
  • The return label
  • Details about the shipment
  • Any reference numbers

The bill of lading describes the shipment and includes details like the shipper’s and consignee’s contact information, payment information, a description of the shipment (like number of pieces, dimensions, weight and any reference numbers) and special handling requirements (such as a liftgate or keeping packages upright).

The packing slip is a document that will be exchanged between the shipper and the consignee. It must include:

  • The shipper’s name and available contact information (phone numbers, email addresses and physical addresses)
  • The consignee’s name and contact information
  • Details about the shipment, including:
    • Total weight
    • Number of handling units
    • Bill of lading number
    • Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) number
    • Customer’s account number
    • Order date
    • Delivery date and time
    • Special handling instructions

Note: If shipping more than one item, please include this information for each unit

Be sure to use a readable font or print legibly. To make sure labels do not come off while in transit, secure them to the box with shrink wrap, clear shipping tape or staples. When attaching the labels to the freight, do not obscure or damage bar codes or addresses on the label. If possible, fold and seal the packing slip in a clear plastic pouch and affix it to the outside of the shipment.

If you need labeling assistance, contact ArcBest customer support at 800-685-0657.

Get in-transit shipment protection

If you’re moving expensive, fragile or sensitive items, you know the importance of complete shipment visibility in transit. You can rely on our experienced drivers and support staff to get your freight to its destination on time and intact — giving you the peace of mind you need. In addition to 24/7 shipment tracking, these security measures can be implemented for high-value shipments:  

Reduced stops along the route

Because high-value freight can be vulnerable when sitting idle, we can implement processes to reduce stops while in transit, such as:

  • Reducing in-transit stops by having a full tank of fuel when the freight is picked up
  • Using team drivers for nonstop driving
  • Planning routes ahead of time that prevent numerous stops or delays

Police or government escort services

If you have a highly sensitive shipment that requires police or government escort services, ArcBest can help. With HAZMAT certification along with full DoD secret security clearance, we offer a full suite of solutions through our Panther Premium Logistics® service. This includes dual-driver protection and security escort vehicles.  

Around-the-clock tracking

ArcBest can incorporate a variety of enhanced technologies to get your freight to its destination safely. This includes satellite surveillance, live communication with the vehicle operators and constant shipment supervision. Among these technologies are:

Temperature monitoring

High-value shipments are not limited to just those with high monetary value. If your freight is temperature-sensitive and requires a climate-controlled environment during transport, ArcBest has a solution. Through Panther Premium Logistics, we can provide a range of temperature-monitoring services. Learn more about your options.  

Transit time solutions

Oftentimes, freight that requires secure shipping solutions also requires quick or time-definite transit. ArcBest delivers. You can get fast, reliable service to points across the U.S. and globally through a variety of transportation options. Need to move an expensive piece of artwork across the country quickly? Consider shipping it on exclusive-use equipment. Need to meet vendor requirements or a tight delivery window? Incorporate our time-definite shipping services into your plans. Have highly sensitive freight that needs to move across the country overnight? Take advantage of our air forwarding services. ArcBest can customize a solution that meets your needs.

Learn more about ArcBest high-value freight solutions

To learn more about how ArcBest can help with your high-value and sensitive shipments, or for a comprehensive review of your supply chain needs, call us 877-464-5094.