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Panther Dry Van

Panther® Fleet Owner 

Get the help you need to run your own fleet  

Whether you already own your own small or large fleet, or you’re a single-truck owner operator with goals for growing into a successful fleet owner, Panther can help you build a profitable business. Take advantage of the benefits that come with running under Panther’s operating authority, while maintaining full control of your business.     

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Lower your costs and increase your profitability 

As a fleet owner contracting with Panther, you’ll have access to our vast network of high-value and time-sensitive premium freight to keep your trucks loaded and on the road. And, our experienced driver recruiters will work to fill your trucks, while our support team handles dispatch, billing, settlements and more. We’ll help you reduce operating costs so you can invest more into growing your fleet.   

Here are just some of the benefits of contracting with Panther:  

  • Improve cash flow with weekly settlements paid directly to you  

  • Extend the Panther Rewards Program to your drivers 

  • Get compensation for deadhead and truck relocation 

  • Gain access to 24/7/365 owner and driver support for advances, load information and break down assistance 

  • Take advantage of our fuel surcharge program and fleet discounts on things like fuel and tires 



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