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The Importance of Geo-fencing Technology in the Trucking Industry

Posted by Paige Brooks on February 14, 2018 - 8:00 AM
Geo-fencing technology keeps track of trailers carrying high-value freight

Use geo-fencing technology to protect your freight

Imagine this: You’re shipping two trailers full of electronics with a combined value of $8 million. The carrier you hired loads the freight on a Monday and has strict rules to go directly to the destination for delivery on Tuesday evening. Except the trailers never show. Six months later, they’re still nowhere to be found, and you’re out millions of dollars.

Could this have been prevented? Yes — by shipping with a trusted carrier with geo-fencing technology capabilities. Learn what geo-fencing is, how it works and how ArcBest® uses it to ensure freight remains safe throughout transit. 

What is a geo-fence?

A geo-fence is an invisible perimeter set around a specific geographic location. Using Global Positioning System (GPS) or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, companies can track and monitor what they need within this virtual boundary. Freight shipping and logistics companies benefit from geo-fencing technology because it allows them to pass on important information to customers with critical shipments — tracing trailers from origin to destination and advising of the precise location of each unit throughout transit.

The importance of geo-fencing technology

When shipping high-value, high-risk and time-sensitive freight (such as medical devices, high-end electronics, smartphones and banking documents), the ability to track every move the trailer makes is vital. Carriers with geo-fencing technology can monitor a trailer’s location every step of the way, ensuring the equipment doesn’t stray from the pre-determined route or go unnoticed if it does. If for some reason it exits the invisible barrier, the carrier can quickly contact the driver to determine why and take the appropriate action. Geo-fencing technology gives shippers a more secure experience and more on-time deliveries.

How ArcBest uses technology to track critical shipments

Through our Panther Premium Logistics® service, ArcBest offers geo-fencing technology that meets the needs of customers who have shipments requiring constant in-transit monitoring.

FAQs about ArcBest geo-fencing capabilities    

How does geo-fencing technology work with ArcBest?

Our fleet of Panther tractors and trailers are all equipped with GPS tracking and geo-fencing capabilities. Advise us ahead of time if your shipment requires these capabilities, and our experts will work with you to set up the virtual boundary (accessorial charges may apply). Tracking begins once the truck leaves the shipper’s yard, and the GPS begins feeding real-time data back into the system allowing us to pinpoint the equipment’s location.

If you’re utilizing one of our third-party logistics providers, we still have access to a unit’s location. Though we are unable to install GPS devices in other provider’s equipment, we can track the equipment using cellular data. While in transit, we’ll ping the driver’s cell phone each time it passes a tower. The data is then fed back into the system, giving us information about your freight’s whereabouts. If a truck with geo-fencing reroutes or travels outside of the set boundary, our dispatchers are notified and take immediate action.

Why is it used?

Panther uses this technology for two primary purposes. First, to constantly monitor high-security shipments. Second, to let us know if the truck goes off the planned route so that we’re immediately notified of any issues. 

How does it keep your freight safe?

Safety and reliability are our top priorities when it comes to shipping high-value and temperature-sensitive freight. Our geo-fencing technology tracks trucks within an extremely specific radius, so we know where it is at all times. For even more insight, the technology offers detailed information including precisely when and where the truck turns, and how fast it’s moving. Door sensors (counting every time the door opens and closes) and panic buttons also are on each trailer for added security.  

Who monitors this service?

Panther dispatch monitors in-transit freight 24/7/365. If a truck breaches the boundary limits, an alert is sent directly to the home office where a dispatcher can immediately follow up with the driver to determine the cause of action. 

Know where your freight is 24/7/365

Geo-fencing is the best method available to ensure your freight gets from origin to destination without incident. Trust ArcBest to handle each valuable shipment with the security, speed and care you deserve. Call 866-455-8200 to learn more about our premium logistics solutions and how we can use geo-fencing technology to deliver your freight when and where you need it.

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