Time definite services for JIT shipments

You tell us when, and we’ll make sure it gets there.

Enter each tracking number on a new line:

Time-Definite Shipping

When precision matters, choose ArcBest® for complete time-definite delivery services. Our just-in-time shipping solutions include delivery on, by or between specific dates and times. Meet vendor requirements, and ship time-sensitive freight with accuracy — not too early, not too late, but right on time.

Delivery When You Need It

With so many products constantly rotating in and out of inventory, retailers rely on organized transportation and logistics services for an efficient warehouse. Time-definite delivery options help you meet retail compliance guidelines and improve your vendor scorecard. It’s also common for trade show exhibitors to require specific delivery windows to meet their assigned move-in time frame. ArcBest offers the services you need to comply with delivery demands, no matter your industry.

Time-Definite Shipping Solutions

Choose the option that fits your shipping scenario:

  • Day-specific — designate the day your shipment is delivered
  • Time-specific — select a specific time frame when delivery is allowed
  • Must-arrive-by — indicate a specific arrival day and/or time for delivery

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