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ABF Freight Rules Tariff

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Rules and Special Service Charges

Standard transportation services provided by ABF Freight® and considered in our standard linehaul charges include:

  • Normal pickup service at origin
  • Over-the-road transportation of commodities
  • Normal delivery at final destination at a dock facility designed to receive freight shipments


The ABF Freight Rules and Special Services Charges publication details the rules that govern the provided services and contains the explanation of, and charges for, optional services that may be requested by the shipper, consignee or third-party payer beyond those normally associated with standard transportation.

Rules, charges and conditions of provided services will apply on all shipments moving under pricing publications and agreements, including individual customer agreements, where ABF 111 is shown as a governing publication. Provisions in this publication apply on shipments tendered on or after the date listed on the publication and are subject to change. Any exceptions will be noted in specific account pricing provisions.

Review ABF 111 Rules and Special Service Charges.

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