ArcBest Honored as 2022 Forrester Return on Integration Winner

ArcBest Recognized as 2022 Forrester Return on Integration (ROI) Honors Winner

Customer-obsession is at the center of who ArcBest is and what we do — and it’s what helps drive our success. That’s why we are pleased to have been recognized as a 2022 Forrester Return on Integration (ROI) Honors Winner — an award honoring leading organizations that made bold decisions to transform their business by integrating marketing, sales and product functions to align business goals and drive growth.  
This award is a result of ArcBest’s commitment to serving as a true logistics partner to our customers and carrier partners. In April 2020, we refocused marketing and sales efforts to better align resources, and then began implementing Forrester’s buyer-aligned sales methodology, introducing new workflows, processes and technology, with a focus on meeting our customers’ constantly changing needs and making it easier for them to do business.    
“With a continuously changing logistics environment, we knew meeting buyer expectations was more important than ever. ArcBest needed intentional focus to develop the right strategies and processes to transform into a logistics partner with the ability to pivot and ensure customers always have the right solutions and capacity at the right time. It’s incredibly gratifying to see the payoff of those strategic actions.” – Steven Leonard, ArcBest Chief Sales and Customer Engagement Officer 
As a result of this customer-focused, agile and data-driven approach, ArcBest achieved revenue growth of more than 50% year over year on strategic growth products. 
ArcBest was recognized for this honor at Forrester’s B2B Summit North America — the premier event for B2B leaders to align their growth strategies with the latest research, models and case studies.