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Supplier Code of Conduct

This Supplier Code of Conduct states ArcBest Corporation’s (“ArcBest”) expectations of the conduct of vendors, suppliers and service providers doing business with ArcBest or its subsidiaries (“Suppliers”). ArcBest expects all Suppliers to understand and behave consistent with ArcBest’s principles of integrity and responsible business practices, and to support the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact, which can be found here.

Compliance with Law

Obeying the law, both in letter and in spirit, is the foundation on which ArcBest’s ethical standards are built. All Suppliers must respect and obey the laws and regulations of the cities, states and countries in which they operate, including but not limited to laws and regulations governing work hours, wages and benefits; immigration; environmental permits, emissions, and hazardous materials; anti-bribery and anti-corruption; competition and anti-trust; export controls; protection of intellectual property; and data protection and security. Suppliers shall also adhere at all times to the following standards and be able to demonstrate compliance with this Supplier Code of Conduct upon our request:

Business Integrity & Responsibility

  • Operate honestly and ethically throughout Supplier’s operations;
  • Maintain accurate financial records and reports in accordance with application laws and regulations;
  • Avoid conflicts of interest and disclose any actual or potential conflict of interest with ArcBest personnel;
  • Prepare for disruptions of business, such as may result from natural disasters, terrorism, software viruses and other cybersecurity breaches, widespread illness and the like;
  • Never (either directly or indirectly) offer or promise to provide, or receive, anything of value to improperly influence negotiations or any other dealings with governments, government officials, customers or any other third parties;
  • Provide an adequate means through which employees may report integrity concerns, safety issues and misconduct without fear of retaliation;
  • Encourage suppliers, vendors and business partners to adhere to similar expectations to those in this Supplier Code of Conduct.

Human Rights & Labor Practices

  • Provide a safe work environment in all of their locations and operations;
  • Pay employees at least the minimum wage and provide all benefits required by applicable laws;
  • Recognize and respect the rights of employees to freedom of association and collective bargaining;
  • Promote an inclusive work environment that values the diversity of employees;
  • Only employ United States citizens and aliens who are authorized to work in the United States;
  • Never engage in, use or tolerate any form of forced labor, child labor or human trafficking;
  • Not discriminate, or tolerate discrimination, on the basis of gender, color, race, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, age, veteran status, disability, gender identity or any other category protected by law;
  • Not promote or tolerate any form of physical, sexual or psychological abuse, verbal harassment, bullying or intimidation.

Data Protection, Confidentiality and Privacy

  • Safeguard and make only appropriate use of confidential information;
  • Adhere to relevant data protection and security laws and regulations, including those related to personal data of consumers, customers, employees and other parties;
  • Not disclose any information that is not known to the general public.


  • Increase efficiency throughout operations to reduce Supplier’s carbon footprint, energy use, water use, wastes and other emissions;
  • Work toward improving sustainability, including by implementing an effective system to identify and eliminate potential hazards to the environment;
  • Take climate protection appropriately into account in operations, such as by setting climate protection goals;
  • Strive to conserve resources and protect the environment and surrounding communities.

Supporting Sustainability

Suppliers will supply to ArcBest, upon request and to the extent available, all reasonable data and information necessary to assist ArcBest in achieving its sustainability objectives, including (but not limited to) those pertaining to health and safety performance, human rights, diversity, environmental metrics, and fair business practices.

Reporting Concerns

Suppliers will promptly inform ArcBest of any concern related to issues governed by this Supplier Code of Conduct, or any questionable, illegal or unethical behaviors. To report a concern, Suppliers can communicate directly to any of the following:

General Counsel:

Michael R. Johns
ArcBest Corporation
PO Box 10048
Fort Smith, AR 72917
(479) 785-6130

Vice President – Internal Audit:

Laura Bogner
ArcBest Corporation
PO Box 10048
Fort Smith, AR 72917
(479) 785-6272

Compliance with Supplier Code of Conduct

ArcBest reserves the right, upon reasonable notice, to review and verify Supplier’s compliance with the requirements of this Supplier Code of Conduct. Any failure by a Supplier to adhere to the expectations set forth in this Supplier Code of Conduct may, at ArcBest’s discretion, be considered a material breach of contract by Supplier. ArcBest reserves the right to terminate any business relationship with any Supplier who fails to adhere to the standards set forth in this Supplier Code of Conduct.