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Business History in Delaware

While once considered a state that relied heavily on manufacturing for revenue, Delaware now has an economy driven largely by financial entities and the insurance and manufacturing markets. Due to a low cost of business, steady job growth and corporate-friendly business laws, Delaware is considered the Corporate Capital of the World. More than half of the country’s publicly traded companies and 60 percent of Fortune 500 firms are incorporated in the state.

Economic Makeup

Along with the business benefits mentioned above, a combination of no state sales taxes, a corporate privacy policy and flat franchise fees keeps businesses in Delaware. This results in a continuously prosperous economy. The financial and insurance services industries annually account for nearly half of the state’s revenue, and manufacturing is the state’s second-largest economic contributor, providing nearly 28,000 jobs. Delaware is a leader in manufacturing products such as industrial chemicals and automotive parts.

Agriculture has a smaller presence in the economy, but is still important. Delaware is a national leader in the production of broiler chickens. Other top agricultural products include soybeans, corn and dairy products. The state is also a leader in magnesium production.

Roads, Rail and Water

Delaware is one of the smallest states in the country by land area, and it has only three counties — the fewest in the U.S. The state is bordered by New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland, so though it is one of the least populous in the country, it is located near highly populated metropolitan regions such as Washington D.C., Philadelphia and Baltimore


U.S. Interstate 95 crosses the state from southwest to northeast and is the longest of the major interstates to pass through the state. Delaware has six other federal highways and several state highways that connect to communities and cities all across the state.

Rail System

Delaware has a total of 263 miles of rail tracks, shared by passenger and freight rail carriers with two Class I railroads and four smaller short line carriers. The state’s freight rail network connects to economic areas in the east and Midwest, as well into Mexico and Canada.

River and Coastal

The Delaware River and Bay port complex is one of the largest port complexes in the country, servicing nearly 70 million tons of cargo a year. The complex moves cargo through bordering ports in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The complex is the second-largest oil port in the country, handling about 85 percent of the East Coast's oil imports.