Arizona Coverage Area

Service Centers

Alpha Number City Phone Number
PHX 130 Phoenix (602) 272-3211
TUS 136 Tucson (520) 573-0651
MHV 139 Mohave Valley (928) 757-1016

With a service center in three of Arizona’s major cities, ArcBest® provides transportation and logistics services throughout the state. To book a shipment or learn more about our solutions, contact 800-610-5544.

Facts about Arizona

  • Population — 6,828,065 in 2015
  • Unemployment rate — 6 percent in 2015
  • Sales tax rate — 5.6 percent
  • Income tax rate — From 2.59 percent to 4.54 percent, based on income tax bracket

A Gateway for Shipping to Mexico and Within the U.S.

Arizona borders Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, California and Mexico — ideal access points for both domestic and international freight. Businesses benefit from Arizona’s location due to access to the economic markets in Los Angeles, northwest Mexico, and the large metro areas of Dallas and Houston. The state’s location is critical to its job growth and economic development efforts, particularly for industries that produce tradable goods and exports.

Economic Drivers in Arizona

Arizona relies on the “five C’s” — copper, cotton, cattle, citrus and climate — to drive its economy. Copper is extensively mined in the state and accounts for nearly two-thirds of the nation’s copper output. The state’s warm, dry climate is a crucial resource for the state, helping Arizona establish successful cattle ranching and a farming environment to grow cotton and citrus products. The climate also has assisted in the state’s bustling tourism industry. Tourism brings considerable revenue to the state and creates employment opportunities, as well.

The state’s economy has continued to grow with jobs added in several other sectors. Manufacturing is a thriving economic segment in Arizona, and as of 2014, total manufacturing employment in the state exceeded 157,000 jobs. The health care and financial service industries also provide an economic boost.

Arizona’s Transportation Infrastructure

Arizona businesses rely on the state’s streets and highways system to get around. The state has six interstate highways and 10 federal highways, making all areas of the state easily accessible. Arizona’s transportation system also contains a network of railways and airports. Arizona has nine Class I freight railways and a number of commuter rail tracks available throughout the state.

The state has seven large airports that provide daily service with commercial flights. The Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix is the largest of the seven and is ranked as one of the world’s busiest airports. The state also has two smaller municipal airports that service semi-regular commercial flights, including Deer Valley Airport, located north of Phoenix. Deer Valley Airport is one of the busiest general aviation airports in the world and is home to two large flight schools.