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BLN 268 Billings (406) 651-0595

ArcBest® provides coverage throughout the state of Montana to meet your regional, national and international shipping needs. To learn more about our full suite of transportation and logistics solutions, call 800-610-5544.

Montana State Facts

  • Population — Just over 1 million in 2017
  • Income tax rate — 6.9 percent
  • Unemployment rate — 4.1 percent as of December 2017
  • Projected job growth — 1.1 percent as of 2016

Business Climate

Montana is a business-friendly state that offers a favorable tax climate to both businesses and residents alike. It’s one of only four states without a statewide sales tax, and the state offers fewer regulatory burdens on businesses than others. The state also provides a low cost of living and a high quality of life to its residents and is experiencing a positive job growth trend — giving businesses an encouraging environment that promotes economic growth.

Economic Factors

Montana has a relatively small and dispersed population and an economy that relies on a number of industries.

Agriculture’s Contribution

Many residents work in agriculture, and that industry is a major economic contributor, adding $4.6 billion in 2015. With nearly 28,000 farms spread across nearly 60 million acres, farmers are among national leaders in the production of cattle, wheat, barley, sugar beets, hay and hogs.


Manufacturing is also important to the economy. Exports from the manufacturing industry — which includes lumber and forestry products, petroleum refineries, food processing, breweries and distilleries — totals about $3.6 billion, as of 2016.


Thanks to the state’s scenic beauty and abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities, tourism also has an important economic role. According to Voices of Montana Tourism, more than 12 million people visited the state in 2016, and spent nearly $3 billion. The tourism industry supports 34,670 jobs.  


The majority of freight moving into, around or out of Montana is transported on a truck, and carriers depend on the state’s nearly 75,000 miles of public roadways to get around. Montana has three federal interstate highways, two auxiliary interstate highways and 10 national routes.

Three Class I railroads operate in the state, traveling on more than 3,700 miles of track. Rail is a popular shipping method for larger products produced in the state, and the method will continue to be a key tool as the state plans for future growth.

Air transport is important for businesses looking to move international freight. The state has two international airports: the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport and the Billings Logan International Airport.